There is a reason why Better Homes and Gardens lists fireplaces in the top ten additions to a home to increase value. Whether it is with resale in mind or simply because the look and warmth of a fireplace appeals to you, a masonry fireplace addition is almost always considered a smart decision. Stone is incredibly versatile and is more so today then it has ever been in our history. With manufactured stone coming in veneer, thin brick, tile and a host of other products the look and beauty of masonry has become affordable to any home owner.

Here at Bear Stone Masonry Joe has worked with everything from 700 pound field stones pulled directly out of the northern Minnesota earth to manufactured tiles. In the past stone was always more of a rustic addition but now, with so many options, stone can also be a modern masterpiece. Stucco is coming back in a big way in Minnesota, with it once being the most affordable and cost effective option, it had fallen out of favor for more economical options. Nowadays however, with advancements in technology, stucco is back in a big way in all the colors possible to the imagination. (Ask Joe about EFIS stucco and all the options that it brings!) Whether you’re looking for exterior siding, an outdoor fireplace or kitchen, an interior floor to ceiling fireplace or a surround in your bath or shower, masonry today is only limited to your imagination.

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